Home, sweet home

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In this lesson we are going to learn some vocabulary and expressions related to „Home“.


If you’re looking for a new home, you need to know what type of home you’re looking for:

Word Meaning Translation
landlord, landlady A person who leases or rents their property to a tenant Vermieter(in)
tenant A person who pays rent to the landlord Mieter
apartment, flat A unit in a residential building Wohnung
bedsit A one-room unit, often without a bathroom Zimmer mit Kochgelegenheit
house An individual building Haus
multi-storey A building with more than one floor mehrstöckig
detached A free standing house Einfamilienhaus
semi-detached A house connected to the neighbouring building Doppelhaushälfte
terrace A unit in a row of attached houses Reihenhaus

You will also need to know how many and which type of rooms it has:

Word Meaning Translation
Bathroom Any room with a toilet and sink Bad, Toilette
Bedroom A room in which one sleeps (where a bed is found) Schlafzimmer
Garage An attached or detached section of the house in which you keep vehicles Garage
Basement The (under-)ground level of the house Keller
Dining room Where the meals are eaten Esszimmer
Living room A common area for entertainment, sitting area for guests Wohnzimmer
Box room A small room that can be used as a single bedroom or study halbes Zimmer
Study A room to study or work from home Arbeitszimmer

A home can be many things, and you should know some adjectives that apply to it:

Word Meaning Translation
cozy Warm and comfortable gemütlich
cramped Not having enough space beengt
dingy Dirty and dark trüb, armselig
bright Having a lot of light hell
spacious, roomy Large and having a lot of space geräumig
convenient Easy to get gelegen, günstig, praktisch
private Belonging to one person privat
shabby To be in a poor condition schäbig
noisy Being loud laut, geräuschvoll
safe Free from danger sicher


Here are some useful expressions using „Home“.

A man’s home is his castle

  • Meaning: a sentiment that a man should have freedom to do what he wants in his home
    (originally “An Englishman’s home is his castle”)

Bring home the bacon

  • Meaning: earn a wage, or be successful

Charity begins at home

  • Meaning: a sentiment that one should take care of family and friends before offering aid to others

Chickens will/have come home to roost

  • Meaning: said as an admonition that actions have consequences

Come home to roost

  • Meaning: return to cause trouble, in an analogy to chickens returning to their coop at the end of the day

Go home and get (one’s) beauty sleep

  • Meaning: said jocularly of or by one who must depart early, facetiously because of the necessity of getting enough rest to avoid being considered unattractive because of sleep deprivation

Halfway house

  • Meaning: Something that combines the qualities of two different things
  • Example: This band is a halfway house between rock and pop.

A house of cards

  • Meaning: An organization or plan that is weak and can easily be destroyed
  • Example: Their plan turned out to be a house of cards.

As safe as houses

  • Meaning: Be very safe
  • Example: I’ve locked the door. They’re as safe as houses.